Diets sound like die and workouts sound like work. Is there really a way to burn fat without exercise? There is. If you feel like you’ve been on every diet and nothing seems to work, don’t give up. Learn more about your body’s natural ability to burn fat and the truth about how to eat real food… for life. 

Over 40? Overweight? Overwhelmed? Learn some of the most basic changes you can make now to simplify your ability to lose weight. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge so it’s time to get real and quit making excuses. When are you ready to really start living?

Keto Club for Women will educate, inspire and encourage you, and greatly increase your chance of success with a ketogenic lifestyle. Here you will get all the tools, meal plan, food list, grocery guide and support to help you reach your goals and celebrate your success.

Join the Club

Tired of feeling tired, hungry and grumpy when you go on a diet? Tired of being on a diet? Ready to tap into your body’s natural ability to burn fat? Are you ready to get started but confused by all the information? Have you been keto for awhile but your progress has stalled and you can’t get the support to know what to do next or the encouragement to keep going? It’s time to stop dieting and spending thousands of dollars in a billion dollar weight loss industry that is designed to keep you fat. Keto Club for Women is designed to educate, inspire and encourage you on the path to weight loss and great health! 

One on One Coaching

It has been proven that people are 7 times more successful at reaching their goals when they are held accountable. The truth is you are 6 inches from being successful…. the 6 inches between your years. The fact is I can give you every tool you need to start and be successful with a ketogenic lifestyle… and I do. The problem is, people don’t all learn at the same pace and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. The truth is, weight loss is more than just knowing what to put in our mouth.

 Jami is a certified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and certified life coach, she has found a personal and relatable approach to teach you the easy-peasy tools you can use to trick your brain to make the weight loss journey simple and effective. The fact is if you don’t change something… it will always be a battle. You are one decision away from improving the quality of our life and well being? When is it your turn?

Ketogenic Benefits

  • Weight loss
  • Reduces appetite and eliminates cravings
  • More energy
  • Improves sleep
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Improves brain health
  • Improves mood and enhances emotional stability
  • Reduces pain and inflammation in the body
  • Effective in relieving PCOS and other womens’ health issues
  • Shown to improve cholesterol and reduce blood pressure

About Jami

I will be celebrating my big 50th birthday this year in 2017 and more excited than ever to welcome this 2nd half of my life. Mostly because I have found freedom from food which has led to emotional freedom and overall better health and well being.

But it wasn’t always like that. I began my dieting career when I was 12 years old and I have been on a diet every year of my life until recently.

In 2014 at one of the lowest times in my life, I was running a small business called Body by SlimCo. I ended up down a rabbit hole of research learning about ketogenic nutrition to better serve my clients who were really struggling with weight loss.

They were coming to me for a quick fix, but I was learning there was so much more going on and I was committed to helping them. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and so had these women. There was a sense of exhaustion and hopelessness and it was greatly affecting their self-esteem and quality of life.

I understood … they were me.

Let's do this...

Want to know the fastest way to get started with a ketogenic lifestyle and start improving your health and losing weight? I’ll tell you my number one secret right now… Keep It Simple! I’ll give you everything you need to get started. Including a 2 week meal plan, food list and list of possible side effects and what to do about it all for free. Stop coming up with excuses and just start. Give me 2 weeks… that’s all I ask and I will show you the difference a ketogenic lifestyle can make in your life and why you’ll never want to eat any other way. It’s a game changer. It will change your life.

Ready to get started?

6 Inches From Success

When it comes to weight loss there is one muscle you must workout in order to lose weight. It won’t require hours at the gym and in fact you won’t even break a sweat. I always encourage my clients when they struggle with a ketogenic lifestyle that they are 6 inches from success. When they can begin to master the 6 inches between their ears, they will be successful.

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

Most people know someone affected by cancer. What you may not know is the ketogenic diet is being used for the treatment of cancer. The stories coming out of the research are astounding. Yet most of the medical community refuses to acknowledge it and share it with their patients. Today I write for that reason to share information that may prove useful to you or someone that you love.

Trust the Process

Rave Reviews

I met Jami shortly after Christmas 2016 when I was feeling like crap, overweight, lethargic and generally unhappy with my health. As I was approaching my 50th birthday, I was motivated to make a change.  Jami introduced me to Keto and helped me learn how to create a sustainable, healthy way of eating.

Surprisingly, it was easier than I had expected. After only a few weeks, I had already lost weight but more importantly, I was sleeping 8 hours a night which I hadn’t experienced since my teenage years.  Jami had me on an exercise plan as well which I think expedited my weight loss.  After only 10 weeks I had lost 20 lbs.  I’ve maintained this diet and it is now a way of life for me. I’ve maintained my weight and feel healthy.  I’m grateful to have found Jami and that she has dedicated herself to helping others get healthy.

~ Jill T., San Ramon CA

Lets start by saying, Jami is FANTASTIC, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND REALLY HAS A PASSION FOR HELPING OTHERS. She is the biggest sweetheart and truly genuine. She has done a lot of homework on the ketogenic diet she puts you on. I can not say enough about her. I would give her 10 stars.

Sunshine L., Pleasanton CA

Looking for an outfit for my birthday dinner was when I realised that little black dress wasn’t looking too little anymore, with a wide middle and an even wider behind!

Being able to target my biggest disaster zones was definitely a reason to give the Bodylight a try. What I hadn’t expected was to find a support system for a change in my approach to food.

The before and after photos were a big shock as the changes were obvious in just two weeks. It’s definitely a momentum booster as just when I’d normally start to get bored there was another set of photos showing more changes.

I have tried many diets in the past with mixed results but ultimately failed to reach my goals. Jami is so encouraging and I certainly feel better educated about my food choices now. I have lost so much weight in 2 months following the eating regime and I am in much better shape already.

I feel much more positive about my weight loss goals now and having lost 19 inches of fat from my belly in 8 weeks I can highly recommend Jami. That little black dress is going to be a lot smaller this year for sure!

Karen P., CA

Once I spoke with Jami I felt instantly comfortable and excited to get started. She made me feel great and helped me celebrate every milestone.

The visible changes were great! And I felt great! Each week I saw visible improvements and with Jami’s encouragement I was able to lose 15 lbs in 8 weeks. I tell everyone I know about this.

Jami is a combination of working with a therapist, life coach and personal trainer all rolled into one. I feel like I ended up with a new friend.

Suzanne H., Northern CA

I wasn’t sure I could afford to do this. But with an initial consultation, she showed me the value of investing in myself.

She showed me that by taking care of myself, I would be of greater value to my family. But that time I left I was more than encouraged. She armed me with a new concept of eating. The results I had totally blew my mind and I have been unstoppable ever since.

Jami was there for me in the hard times. The results I have received over the last 30 days are results that it took me to achieve over months. Jami has helped me get off the cycle of dieting and gaining weight by giving me winning keys to make this a total lifestyle change and for this I am beyond grateful.

Marcy, Pleasanton CA

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